Betako PPS Merpati Putih

Merpati Putih (MP) is one of college Pencak silat martial Empty Hands (PPS Betako) and is one of the nation’s cultural assets, began to form the flow of this type of martial arts in the years around 1550’s and needed to be conserved and developed in harmony with the development and advancement of science knowledge and technology today. Current MP is a member of All-Indonesian Pencak Silat Association (IPSI) and Martial Arts Federation For World Peace (MAFWP) and the Fellowship of Nations or the Inter Pencak Silat PERSILAT (International Pencak Silat Federation).
Table of contents

• 1 Meaning of Name and Motto
• 2 History
• 3 Empty Hands Martial (Betako)
• 4 Destination
• Kick and Power 5
• 6 Levels and Exercise
• 7 External links

Meaning of Name and Motto
The Meaning of Merpati Putih is itself an acronym in the Java language, namely:
Follow Patitising Mersudi Pusakane Titising Hening that in the Indonesian language means “Looking to get to the Peace of Righteousness” so expect a member of the Merpati Putih will align the hearts and minds in all actions. Also PPS Merpati Putih Betako have a motto: “Sumbangsihku worthless, but Keikhlasanku real.”
Merpati Putih (MP) is the ancestral heritage of Indonesian culture that was originally a science family who inherited the palace declined, and ultimately on the will of the Master of science Merpati Putih is permitted and disseminated with the intention to grow the ability to be useful for the country.
Initially this flow is owned by Sampeyan Dalem Inkang Sinuhun Kanjeng susuhunan Prince King Mangkurat Ingkang Jumeneng Ing Kartosuro then to BPH Adiwidjojo (Grat I). Then after Grat to three, R. Ay. Djojoredjoso science broken down according to the specialization of its own, this martial art has two other siblings. namely title Samudro Crow and Crow Seto. Crow medicine Samudro inherited, while Crow Seto humanities. And for a martial arts handed down to Crow Handoko (Grat IV). From the Crow Handoko is finally handed down to the last Filter Mas Mas Mas Budi Poeng and become Betako PPS Merpati Putih. Until now, the two brothers that other seperguruan never known the existence of science and still look up to now in the ground water in each region in order to incorporate them back.
At first this Pencak Silat martial arts taught only specific Special Forces Command of the Armed Forces and Police in each unit and troops guarding the Presidency (Paspampres).
Founded on April 2, 1963 in Yogyakarta, has approximately 35 branches with cholic (group exercise) as much as 415 units (according to 1993 data) are scattered throughout the archipelago and currently has a membership of one million people have graduated and are still active around 100 thousands of people and spread all over Indonesia.
The Teacher is Mr Merpati Putih Filter Hadi Purnomo, while the founder Professor of Education and science is at once heir Purwoto Hadi Purnomo (Mas Poeng) and Hadi Purnomo Budi Santoso (Mas Budi) as Professor of the last of the eleventh generation (Grat XI).
PPS Merpati Putih Betako derived from martial arts palace. Including the Prince Diponegoro.
Here Lineage derivatives flow Betako PPS Merpati Putih:
• PH Singosari: Grat-II
• Crow Handoko: Grat-IV
• RM REKSO Widjojo: Grat-V
• R BONGSO Djojo: Grat-VI
• RM Wongso Djojo: Grat-VIII
• Kromo MENGGOLO: Grat-IX
• Filter HADI POERNOMO: Grat-X
Mandate of the Master, a Member must a white dove Teacher undertaking, namely:
• Strong sense of honesty and compassion
• Believe in yourself
• Harmony and harmony in the daily performance
• appreciate and practice the attitude that in order to generate devotion to God.
In 1995, a member of PPS Merpati Putih Betako South Jakarta branch, Mas Eddie’s Market received an award plaque Records of Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) because mendemonstasikan furthest drive from Bogor to Jakarta with his eyes closed.
Until the year 1998 PPS Merpati Putih Betako still only for Indonesian citizen only. However, due to interest from abroad is very large and enthusiastic, MP began to open up to accept members from overseas. Nate and Mike were Zeleznick Zeleznick as the first white people who taught these martial arts in 1999 and became a Teacher’s First American Merpati Putih. In early October 2000 and Mas Budi Mas Pung American School inaugurated the first of Merpati Putih is located in the Ogden City Mall, Utah. MP is the only Pencak Silat investigated scientifically about problems in the energy.

Empty Hands Martial (Betako)

Merpati Putih emphasis on aspects of exercise without weapons martial art / my bare hands. Human body parts can be used as a weapon that is not less powerful this with real weapons. But even then the members of  Merpati Putih in extra-curricular (not curriculum training) was introduced weapons, the nature and characteristics of the weapon, how to deal with and so forth.
Betako PPS Merpati Putih is one legacy of martial arts original works of Indonesian ancestry, and aims to forge a personality of its members to be strong in character and personality, harmonious, dynamic and patriotic, according to philosophy of Indonesia, Pancasila.
Kick and Power
White doves using the original power of man, with a game of breath. In ordinary people, the original energy can be seen and used only when the person concerned in recessive condition only. For example: when the dog jumped a fence chasing a dead end street. In a situation back to normal / not pressed, these people seemed to have jumped the fence does not believe these high. Pencak Silat And in this, how to use the original extra power at the time of a normal human being, whenever and wherever.
In normal cells in the human body produces a substance called Adenosine Triphospate (ATP) which is an energy reserve in the body. So with the help of techniques like breathing, human labor can be hidden in practice to obtain and collected in the body. There are many Kick (though the technique) Breath in Pencak Silat in this distribution Respiratory Breathing Development and Processing. There are also several techniques such as circuit Movement Kick Bound (RGT) and the Free Movement circuit (RGB) In addition, there are several steps and motion technique, including the Practical Steps and Practical Motion.
Apart from Ourselves (energy body), vibration energy intake in Pencak Silat Merpati Putih this approach can be taken from nature such as from Earth (the ground energy is also very old, old trees), or even energy from space (energy star, the sun or moon.
In recent years, the science of power in the Merpati Putih containing energy and vibration has been investigated further in science and developed also for treatment and for the benefit of blind people, so they can read, distinguish and identify colors and can facilitate all other activities of daily days.
Levels and Exercise
There are twelve levels in PPS Merpati Putih Betako this. Levels in PPS Merpati Putih Betako starting with:
• Basic Level I, the first stage still a prospective member, despite having a uniform shirt or white shirt, black pants, a red collar with name tags himself in the chest but was still a plain white belt.
• Basic Level II, the second stage and so on have been wearing uniforms without names members themselves with the symbols of IPSI and Merpati Putih emblem on the chest and a red belted plain.
• Turn the Level I, a red belt (without strip) with the symbol of Merpati Putih at one end.
• Turn the Level II, a red belt with the symbol of  Merpati Putih and berstrip red at one end.
• The combination of Level I, a red belt with the symbol of Merpati Putih and berstrip orange on one end.
• Combination Level II, a red belt with the symbol of  Merpati Putih and berstrip yellow at one end.
• Special Level I (Special Hand), a red belt with the symbol of  Merpati Putih and strip green at one end.
• Special Level II (Special Feet), a red belt with the symbol of  Merpati Putih and rstrip blue at one end.
• Level III Special (Special Agency), a red belt with the symbol of Merpati Putih and strip nila at one end.
• Level Refresher, a red belt with the symbol of  Merpati Putih and strip purple at one end.
• Core Level I, a red belt with the emblem strip Merpati Putih and white at one end.
• Level II Core, a red belt with the symbol of  Merpati Putih and strip red and white at one end.
The members practice at least twice a week in an exercise group or commonly called cholic. Each time the exercise takes about roughly two hours. In each year, which is precisely one Suro every New Year or the first of Muharram, all members from Sabang to Merauke allowed to follow and gather together with other members in Yogyakarta, exactly on the coast of Parang Kusumo for joint exercise of all levels. Also Commemoration held at the Bukit Manoreh. This event is already a tradition in martial arts education is useful to know and be able to exchange ideas between members of one by another member.


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